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4th Asian Conference of Medical and Care Facilities

 The 4th Asian Conference of Medical and Care Facilities was held in Changwon, Korea on Thursday, October 15 and Friday, October 16, 2015, with the main topic being “Seeking hope in post-acute medicine”. The conference was originally scheduled to be held in June, but because of an epidemic of MERS in Korea at the time, it was postponed until later in the year. The event was sponsored by the Korean Association of Medical and Care Facilities.


 This was the first conference in which the China Association of Medical and Care Facilities took part. The conference is the only international conference in Asia whose participants include Japan, which has already become a super-aged society, Korea, which is becoming an aged society, and China, which is on the brink of becoming an aged society, as well as other Asian nations. It provided an opportunity for participating countries to learn what is happening in other countries, to identify issues and strive together for improvement, under the banner of “Post-Acute Medical Care”. The conference was attended by 500 people.


【Conference Overview】


Young-ho JEOUNG(Chairman, Korean Federation of Medical Foundation / Chairman, Hallym Hospital)



① Restructuring Asian post-acute medical care in an age of growing elderly populations
②The hope of Asian post-acute medical care starts with geriatric nursing care


Dementia / Decubiti / Abolishing Physical Restraint / Rehabilitation / Comprehensive Regional Care / Nutrition / Palliative Care / Management



Participating countries

Japan, Korea, China, others



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Welcome reception

Changwon Exhibition Convention Center

Welcome reception

Opening ceremony

The exterior of the BEXCO venue

Opening ceremony

Tape-cutting ceremony at the Silver Expo

Symposium (Geriatric Nursing)

General presentation

Session on Abolishing Physical Restraint

The presentation venue

Session on Nutrition

The entrance to the poster site (from left: Chairperson Kim, Chairperson Takehisa, Chairperson Nakamura)

Association representatives

Poster session

Welcoming reception

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